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The Te'Amun - The Cherished and the Faithful


A New Dawn for the Draenic People
It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

As time goes on the peoples of Draenor attempt to rebuild that which was damaged or destroyed by the Iron Horde and the Legion and strive to mend what was broken and battered, all whilst laying to rest those friends and families who were lost in the battle for their world and way of life.

However, the veil of peace which now rests over Draenor, and the Alliance, is a thin one. Gul'dan and the Legion are beaten, but not destroyed, and a growing darkness looms in the distance. With the aid of their allies and the support of the Grand Alliance, the Draenic Order of Te'Amun have dressed their wounds and steeled their resolve as they seek to strengthen their numbers in preparation for what Fate, and the new dawn, has in store for them.

Te'Amun, meaning 'The Cherished and the Faithful' in the Common tongue of Azeroth, is an order and community of Draenei who work together for the common good of their people. Our community consists of all walks of life, from scholars and historians to menders and soldiers, and everything in between.
While seeking to further Draenic goals and interests, the order of Te'Amun works to preserve the culture and history of the Draenic people, hoping to forge a new and better tomorrow for all.
The people of Te'Amun are bound to serve with both body and spirit, in this life and the next, so that the legacy of the Draenei lives on throughout the ages.