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Te'Amun's Guild Ranks

Since we've been getting some questions about the guild ranks, I'm going to do my best to explain our current system;


  • Lightwarden
  • Triumvirate
  • Lightsworn

These three ranks represent the guild's leadership and officer core. Any character sitting in this rank is an in-character member of the guild's leadership. They are the people your characters report to.
The Lightwarden is Rhuua, the Guild Master.
The Triumvirate [Epilvik, Kavaaru, and Garotta] are my Co-GMs, and the leaders of the three guild sects.
The Lightsworn [Aeiia] are our officers.

In addition to the three in character leadership ranks, we also have the catch-all rank of
Arbiter; Arbiters [Gemrle and Tryxina] are the officers' right hands. They help ICly and OOCly with many officer tasks like recruitment and evke to hang out there.

The Guild

  • Oathsworn
  • Protectorate
  • Spiritualists
  • Traders
  • Bleet Fleet

The Oathsworn* function as our veteran rank. There are two ways to join this rank, each with a matching subsect.

There are the IC Oathsworn. These are the people who have been in the guild for a long time, and have proved themselves time and time again through lots of RP. If you're interested in joining the IC ranks of the Oathsworn, check out this thread. Due to their awesomeness and dedication, the IC Oathsworn gain titles and prestige in the Order, as well as obtain special roll bonuses for events.

The OOC Oathsworn are people who have proven themselves in an OOC fashion-- this could be by assisting heavily with recruitment, or posting tons of events. Unlike the IC Oathsworn, these people don't get the nifty IC title or buffs, and if Blizz ever opens up an extra guild rank, they will be shifted to their own rank. They are basically mentors, and are being temporarily included in the Oathsworn so that they can post events without having to beg a member of Leadership to help them.


The Protectorate serves as the guild's militia. Does your character like to smack badguys and save kittens? This is the place for you. As a member of the Protectorate, you report to Kavaaru and Tzipor'rah, and they will lead you to glory.

The Spiritualists serve as the mystical catch-all for the guild. We're healers and spiritual guides, but we also like to get our hands dirty and charge into combat with the Protectorate. If you like to swing some spiritual power around, you report to Rhuua and Aeiia.

The "Traders" are our civilian rank! Not interested in punching baddies in the face (at least on the battlefield...), or getting down with the spiritual forces? This could be the place for you! Our "traders" are "artisans" and "scholars" and totally not spies who go on intelligence missions.
Are you a sneaky spy really gifted at dancing?
Or a codebreaker bookish scholar?
Maybe you're a assassin merchant?
Or a multi-lingual knife throwing acrobat lawmaker...if you think this is the space for you, you'll report to Epilvik and Garotta.

Bleet Fleet is our guild-alt rank.
Te'Amun has no restrictions on the number of alts you bring into the guild, nor do we restrict race or class. Because of this, we have a lot of people's alts, and we need a way to organize them. IF YOUR ALT IS A DRAENEI-- they may ICly join a sect. Only your *main* may have an interview, or undergo the initiation ceremony. This is because if we didn't, poor Aeiia would do nothing but interviews, and our initiation ceremonies would take forever. Just tell an officer which sect you would like your alt to be in.
IF YOUR ALT IS NOT A DRAENEI-- you will never be IC. No humans, dwarves, gnomes, elves, worgen, dragons, naga, orcs. WHATEVER. IF YOU AREN"T A DRAENEI, YOU MAY NOT JOIN ANY RANK BUT BLEET FLEET (or officer alt, if you're an officer), AND YOU MAY NOT ICLY JOIN A SECT.
*puts sunglasses on* Deal with it.

If you have any questions regarding the guild ranks, please contact an officer-- we will be happy to answer any questions you have.
Garotta <3
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