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Aeiia's First Aid events are designed to be fun and festive and to provide a benefit to participants for other events.

Participants in the class on 2/11 each received a Healing "Potion" which may be used at any Te'Amun combat event throughout the remainder of the month (or until the next first aid event). These potions may be used once per event to do one point of self-healing out of turn (does not consume your normal roll).

The bandages from the 12/26 class have sadly expired and may no longer be used.

Please remember to emote accordingly when you use your potions! The following people have a potion:

Neildaa (guest)

Neith! Your potion is tart - very, very tart! A bit of that fadeleaf would have taken the edge off, I'll bet. You'll be unable to speak for fifteen minutes after use - and your emotes should reflect this. Additionally, all attacks will be laced with sunlight for that same duration. (no additional damage, visual effect only)

Neildaa, your potion was beautiful... riiiight up until it got a bit overcooked. When uncorked, it will be a vapor that must be breathed, rather than a potion which can be drunk. The effect will remain the same.

Ellelun! You will glow! So. Much Glow. For an hour after use. Your potion shimmers and bubbles and nearly bubbles OVER when you take the lid off. But at least it's hot. Not hot enough to burn you, but not precisely pleasant either.

Akaepi! You have overcooked yours as well... but not into a vapor. This cooking, combined with the excess Aetheril, have solidified it into something like a lozenge.

Jenrielle, you would have had lozenges as well, but the Moonglow tempered the crystalization effect. What you have instead rather resembles shiny, shiny taffy,

Muarra, you spilled half your dry mats, then dumped Moonglow on what remained! It's shiny, but thin.. and none too abundant! Very small sips only please! The purse or pouch or pocket you keep it in will also gradually become stained over time as the potion leaks out through the crack in your vial.

Narva! Between the cat's whisker and the mystery leaf and half your mats on the floor... your potion works just fine... but you will become quite invisible for ten minutes after use... alas, your armor will not. Worst camoflage ever.

Groveheart! The dirt in your potion seems to have brought out your inner Nature Elf, because you've bonded with the... uh... nature. For one round after use you will be a tree rather than a bear druid. You can still attack... if you feel like clubbing some demons with your branches. But at least you'll smell like fish!

*Amallo - We understand that RL happens, and that you had to leave early. As it had only dry ingredients, your "potion" will be very very dry. Very dry. Have you seen the Cinnamon challenge? Like that. As it was unfinished, your potion will also contain only a single dose and may only be used at one event.

**Kairyth - Aeiia is unable to self-heal - even with potions, and has given her potion to Kairyth, who would have gone to the event if they weren't on the same account. Sadly, Aeiia didn't put a drop of liquor in the thing, and it'll sober Kairyth up a bit, negating the Hip Flask bonus from her next attack.
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