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#13617409 Jan 22, 2018 at 01:30 AM
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Good Evening Members of Te'Amun,

Rhuua as leader of Te'Amun wishes to formally announce and open up expressions of interest in regard to the position of Lightsworn (OFFICER) within the guild.
Rhuua is particularly interested in receiving application from those who have an interest in and willingness to run combat orientated story RP events for the Order, however we encourage applications from any interested member if they believe they have a skill they can present that the Guild is in need of. You will of course have the full support backing and encouragement of everyone else who can help in guiding and fostering your independence as an officer.

It should go without saying that this isn't just a title and will require input and work from any who are presented with the opportunity and you will be expected to respond to the needs and requirements of the guild, and you should be expecting to and able to host at least one event per calendar month. We will not be discriminating on the basis of longevity or any other arbitrary measure, and those currently in higher positions will not be guaranteed a role in this process, it will be done on merit alone.

To apply please do both of the following, please leave an application below answering the following items;
Name: Discord, Ingame name, RP name if different
Length of Time with the guild:
Current Position within the guild:
Experience in a leadership role IRL or Ingame:
Experience as a DM:
Experience as a roleplayer:
Time availability:
Willingness to use discord (vital for officer communication):

If this application template with your answers can also be DMed to Rhuua and Epilvik it can be disseminated to the officer unit for review thank you.

We look forward to hearing back from the talented men and women of the guild and look forward to hopefully working with several of you in the near future as future leaders and officers of the guild, we know you are all very competent at what you do and the stories you create otherwise you would not be here, and we know you will make this guild proud.

The Leadership of the Te'Amun
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